Good day, good people! Today is a beautiful day here at the castle. Ah, I slept so soundly last night. It felt good to get a full nights rest without having to worry about anything.

Cynthia and I even had a good night! We actually talked for the first time in a while, I mean really talked! Well, we got along as long as we didn’t talk about the baby.

We reminisced about old times. Talking about when we first met. We talked about her stepmother and some of the things that she endured while being held captive. I didn’t realize that there was so much that I still didn’t know about her time in captivity.

I didn’t know that there were days that Princess Cynthia would go without eating anything. Her stepmother and stepsister would be feasting upstairs. All the while, Cynthia was made to starve in the dungeon. Sometimes, she would only be given bread and water to eat. She lived among the rats. She was made to wear the same clothes for days on end. The story just gets worse as it goes along.


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