I have yet to be completely truthful with Cynthia about my past. Up to this point, I have been a bit evasive with her. She thinks that I have always been some rich prince who has lived the lap of luxury. When that fact is furthest from the truth.

She doesn’t know that my father was a locksmith and that our family had to struggle to make ends meet. Sometimes we only had one loaf of bread to share and there were five of us in the family.

Then, one day, my father got a letter from his long lost brother who is very rich.Turns out their father, was a King.  He passed away when my father was ten years old. They didn’t see eye to eye so when he died, he left everything to my uncle.

My uncle was writing my father to tell him that he did not have much longer to live and that he would inherit the money and the castle.


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